Virtual Doula Support in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Virtual Doula Support in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Pregnant and wondering how viral risks, new hospital and provider policies, state regulations, and more will affect your birth? Feeling nervous about facing your birth without your doula by your side? Hearing that some birth places are pushing people to have more interventions and wondering how this may affect your birth plan? A virtual doula might be a great help for you.

Normally, you, your birth partner, and your doula meet one to several times during your pregnancy to guide your birth planning, practice comfort measures and techniques, answer questions, provide resources, and more. Then, your doula stays by your side for your birth, providing hands-on physical support, information, and emotional support for you and your partner. The doula then provides support through the golden hour, baby’s first feeding, and helps you transition to recovery. Later, a postpartum follow-up allows the opportunity to process the birth, check-in on how the whole family is adjusting, and identify potential areas for additional support or resources.

So what is a virtual doula? A virtual doula provides all the same support and services, but is not physically present. Support can be provided by video such as FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, etc.; telephone calls, and/or text messaging.

How can a virtual doula help me have a better birth?

Prenatally: A lot of important support happens before baby is ready to arrive. Your doula is your resource for information, questions, and support throughout your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum time. Instead of going down the Google rabbit hole and feeling overwhelmed with conflicting or scary information, a doula is a great help sorting out what’s normal, how to have a healthy pregnancy, planning for your best birth, and feeling relaxed and confident about what’s to come.

During birth: Your virtual doula is available for you in whatever way you prefer to communicate. You or your birth partner may choose to check in with questions from time to time, or have your doula virtually present with you for extended times on video. The doula helps you with positioning, relaxation, reminders, and emotional support. For your partner, the doula guides their physical and emotional support as needed, helping your partner feel comfortable and confident in their ability to support you through your birth. Your doula helps make sure you have all the information you need to make informed choices throughout your birth.

After birth: Your doula remains available as your trusted resource to guide you through your postpartum healing, newborn care and development, feeding, sleep, soothing, and how to find the new normal for your family.

Policies are continuing to change regularly. Having a doula on board for your birth helps provide continuity, comfort, and reliable support during a time of uncertainty and change. Want to book your doula now? Contact me!

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